by Mom

I believe the lavender shampoo and the creme rinse is Mary-Elizabeth’s. Around here she can safely claim any fragrance that smells flowery or feminine.

Yesterday David took an especially long bath. He wanted to be like the ‘big guys’ and shave. I gave him some shaving cream to squirt on his little arms, and also a razor with its safety cover on securely, to shave the cream off. He must have played forty-five minutes with this, and low and behold, his skin is as smooth and soft as can be. Go ahead and read these by SF on their official website.

The party last night was fun with all of the cousins running around and playing with each other. This party also doubled as a Christmas Concert practice, and so we all were treated to the sounds of what I think was Christmas music, floating up from the basement. In our family’s band, musical talent is desired, but not required. David told me he was playing the ‘ping-pong balls’, where he hits them together at the right time — I guess he is in the percussion section.

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