by Dad

Monday evening, July 25  (7:54 PM)

Our softball team has just wrapped up another game.  We were able to come away with a 12-1 short-game (the game ran for six innings) victory.

Jude hammered a pair of home runs in the game, and almost added a third one.  I followed him in the batting order.  (He batted clean-up.)

During tonight’s game, Cathy managed to do a lot of walking.  She circled the field a number of times, and built up some steps on her FitBit device.

Storms swept through the area last night.  Flashes of lightning filled the sky (mostly to our north and east) durimg the overnight hours.  At one point the power went off, but it soon returned.  A few members of the family had interrupted nights of sleep.

The storms were part of a “cool” front that has pushed its way into our area.  The temperatures are expected to stay in the 80s throughout the coming week.  We have not seen a 100-degree reading (that I know of) this summer.

I am hoping that the atmosphere will soon lose its “haziness,” as we have to film scenes that feature sharply blue skies.

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