Come Like A Child

As you can see, this site is very simple in its approach to God, seeing Him as Father, even Daddy, as the Scriptures tell us we are each privileged to do once we have been born into His family.

Why do we keep things so simple? For one, Jesus said that we each must become as a little child if we are to enter the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 18:2-4)

The Heavenly Father, who possesses the wisdom and power and authority to create and watch over an endlessly complex universe, was pleased to design a plan of redemption for fallen men and women that is so practical, so plain, that a mere child can easily grasp and accept it. The message of the New Testament is eloquent in its simplicity: “God made him (Jesus), who knew no sin, become sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.” (II Corinthians 5:21)

As a result of the sacrifice of Jesus upon the cross for our sins, we are the beneficiaries of a wonderful arrangement: We surrender our filthy rags of sin, rebellion, failure and condemnation, and put on the white robe of forgiveness, restoration, peace with God, and adoption into His family.

What could be more simple and eloquent than the picture of the thief on the cross turning to Jesus and asking to be remembered in His Kingdom, and Jesus mercifully replying that the thief would that day be in paradise with Him? (Luke 23:42-43) The love and mercy displayed by Jesus at this moment, amidst the physical, emotional and spiritual anguish of His crucifixion, is beyond comprehension.

For those who have visited this site wanting to start fresh with God, we suggest that there is no better example than the very practical and basic account of the thief on the cross. Like the sorrowful and helpless thief, simply turn to Jesus in an attitude of sincere repentance from the heart, trusting Him to forgive Your sins through His sacrifice on the cross as the only Son of God, surrendering control of everything to Him, trusting Him to take things over from here, asking for His Holy Spirit to fill you and completely control your life.

Sound simple? That’s the whole secret! Jesus delighted that these eternal truths would be hidden from the so-called wise and learned of this world, but be plain and obvious to the simple and humble of heart. So why not wave the white flag of surrender and jump into His arms of love?

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