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August 28th, 2004

I left with my mom around 7:50 this morning to drive over to the hospital. Mom would go there and visit Aunt Greta and her new baby, Elizabeth, at Barnes Hospital, while I would keep Jenny company at Children’s Hospital. When I entered the room, there was Uncle Rob and Aunt Ann (my mom’s sister) with Jenny. He soon left, and Aunt Ann and I stayed with Jenny. Jenny seemed to be in pretty good spirits, smiling and laughing a lot. We even played some Nintendo 64 together. She chose Mario Party 2, and we played some of the mini games contained within that game. It was fun, and I think she had a good time, having someone to play with.

Later in the day, Mom returned to the room to visit. Jenny was feeling pretty good up until around that time, but then she had some aches and was feeling a little nauseated. I guess it must be all the medications that the doctors are having her take that’s making her go back and forth, but I’m hoping that she feels better. When I left the hospital, Mom was still there with her, and she seemed to still not be feeling the best, which is understandable, considering all of the medications and different treatments she’s been under.

I will say this, though. Jenny is a trouper. I am amazed how cooperative and receptive she is as a nine-year-old. She’s been in the hospital for about 10 days, and I know she wishes she wasn’t in there, but she seems to have done extraordinarily well in talking to the doctors and nurses, explaining how she’s feeling, et cetera. I’m sure she misses her mom, dad and siblings, but thankfully they’re able to be with her pretty often. Her older sister, Maggie, was there with Uncle Rob, so they got to talk for a little while.

It’s been a pretty long day at the hospital. I was there for over six hours, but I’m very glad I went. I hope Jenny had some fun with me visiting. That’s basically my goal: If I can make her day brighter, easier, funner — whatever the case — then it’s mission accomplished. Maybe she’ll invite me over soon for a rematch… even though she beat me pretty convincingly on Mario Party!

By the way, here’s a sticker that the hospital issues for visitors to wear while in the building. I blurred the last name and room number simply because this is a public journal.

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