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She’s coming home!

August 30th, 2004

Nine-year-old Jenny is going to be coming home this afternoon, after nearly two weeks at Children’s Hospital! My mom just spoke with Uncle Rob on the phone, and he said that she’s about ready to go home and rejoin her family. She’ll still have to return to the hospital weekly or monthly for follow-up chemotherapy treatments, but I imagine things will be so much easier and less scary as Jenny will be staying at home with her family.

I thank Jesus that she has progresed to this point where she is feeling better and to where, so far, she’s doing real well with her leukemia treatment. I know that Greta and Rob’s family have a long road ahead of them, as they have to pretty much keep Jenny isolated in their house so as to avoid germs and sickness, but what a huge leap, to be able to be with her at home! Keep praying that the disease gets eliminated from her body, never to return.

But, for now, Jenny is coming home. :-)

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