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August 22nd, 2004

A fun and pretty relaxing Sunday today. Around noon, after church, the family went outside to practice softball. I started out by tossing up some baseballs to myself and hitting them to Mark, Jude, James and Philip in the field. When everyone came out to the field, we all took some batting practice, we being Paul through Philip and Dad. Aside from my 20-some swings, I played oufield and chased after the hits.

After the practice, Paul, Mark, Jude and I went over to Cici’s for a lunch/supper. While at there, Paul and I played one of those Area 51 shooting games where you’re invaded by aliens. After that, we played another arcade game, a deer hunting game. It was my first time playing this game, but it was kind of fun. I hit a few deer! In reality, I’m definitely not a hunter, though we do see plenty of deer out here in the country.

Since then, I’ve just been being pretty lazy, which is a fun thing to do on a Sunday. Jude and I hit the road tonight in hopes of picking up some ice cream, but we had no success. The shop we were planning to go to, Sweet Stop, was closed, and then the ice cream machine at McDonald’s was out of service… still! Argh… oh well. We’ll have more chances for ice cream, I’m sure.

But that’s pretty much been the Sunday. My Uncle Dan came over this afternoon to go fishing in our pond. He brought his three daughters, who range from age six to one or two years old. I also watched parts of some baseball games, such as the Braves at Dodgers, Pirates at Cardinals, and a very small part of the Red Sox at White Sox. Braves, Cardinals and Red Sox all won today — good stuff!

Well, I guess that’s it.

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