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Visiting Jenny at Children’s Hospital

August 26th, 2004

Well, as I mentioned earlier today, my mom and I drove over to Children’s Hospital to visit Jenny. Mom stayed there from 5;00 to 10:00 basically to be with Jenny as Uncle Rob went home to take care of other things with his family. So I dropped Mom off at the hospital around 5:00, and I came back around 10:00 to pick her up. When I got to the hospital room, I was happy to see that Jenny was wide awake and in good spirits. She was watching TV, and she had a book beside her on the bed. From talking to Mom, it sounds like things went amazingly well this morning as my mom stayed with her. I would think it would be difficult for her to have an aunt there instead of her mom or dad, especially since she’s only been in the hospital for a week now. Anyway, like I said, she was awake, so I was able to say hi to her and talk a little bit before Mom and I left her and Uncle Rob in the room.

Tomorrow, my Aunt Greta, who is Jenny’s mom, is going to have her baby delivered at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, which is adjacent to Children’s. Normally, the baby would be had at St. Elizabeth’s in Belleville, but since Jenny happens to be in Children’s currently, they decided to have the baby there. That way, Jenny will be able to be wheeled over to Barnes and visit with her new baby brother/sister.

I’m just going to keep on praying for the entire family. I pray for Greta and Rob, that God will give them the strength and endurance both physically and mentally to get through this and be able to balance life with their other three kids back at home, and now this new life that will enter the family on Friday. I’m also praying that God will just give them an amazing sense of peace and incredible hope, realizing that He is still in control, and that none of this is scary to Him.

I’m praying for the kids, that they will be able to cope well as they miss having their sister for the time being and also with their parents being extremely busy now. Thankfully, the extended family is so tight-knit that aunts or uncles are able to baby-sit or do basically anything at any given time to help out. It’s such a great family.

I’m also, of course, praying for little Jenny, as she is the one actually in the hospital and is taking these treatments and having to endure all of this. I pray that God will heal her completely from this cancer, will flush it out of her body and will build up her strength and health so she can return to being that happy, active nine-year-old that she is!

Please join me in praying for everyone. Prayer is powerful.

Well, it’s been a very long day, beginning at 3:45 AM, and now I see the clock approaching midnight. I think I’ll head off to bed so I can catch up on a little sleep. By the way, we won tonight’s softball game 10-4. I was two-for-five with a three-run triple and also an RBI single. Playoffs are next week for the Monday and Thursday night leagues.

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