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More of the same!

April 5th, 2005

And the craziness just continues, doesn’t it?

Seriously, it’s probably been the most packed, diverse, busy and all-around crazy three-week span that I can remember! I’ve been wearing so many different hats lately. Care to see them? They’re truly lovely.

Hat One: Webmaster Webmaster of FamTeam.com. This has kept me very busy with all of the work we have done to the site leading up to and after the airing of the Montel Show on Good Friday. On top of that, we have encountered some really strange server problems in the past week or two, which have really made things confusing. I’m still trying to get things totally ironed out.

Hat Two: Network Administrator Well, that’s a fancy way of saying I take care of the network we have in our house. We’ve been having some issues with that, too, and I don’t know whether they’re related to the hub we have, one of the two routers, a computer that’s connected to the network and possibly infected with a virus or spyware, or if it’s something totally different! So that’s another thing I’m working on, trying to figure out what in the world is going on here. :-)

Hat Three: Transcriptionist I have been typing in hours upon hours of video- and audiotapes over the past couple of weeks. These particular jobs are pretty rare, so it’s odd that we would have two different clients ask us to transcribe tapes within just a couple of weeks of each other. So I’ve been doing lots of typing — a good 365 pages’ worth, so far — on the laptop. And certainly not the most pleasant of cases, either, as they have been about different criminal cases that are really disheartening.

Hat Four: Scopist My normal duty, scoping, has still been active, so there have been depositions that I have had to proofread.

Hat Five: Video Editor Yup, I’ve also kept up with editing the Safe At Home Show. Nothing really new on that front.

Hat Six: Sports Still playing volleyball, and softball season starts this Monday!

So I’ve had some interesting headware lately! But God is faithful and good, and He is unchanging. Though things in my life may change, He never does! It’s so comforting to have such a constant like that. God is awesome!

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