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Dave & Buster’s

October 8th, 2005

Last night, Paul, John, Mark, Jude and I went over to Dave & Buster’s with our Aunt Jane and her friend Judy. We met up with our cousins Matt and Becky, as well.

We ate dinner in their dining room — I had a grilled chicken club sandwich — and then moved on to the game area. I spent most of my time (and credits) on the horse-racing game that they have there. This game allows you to create a horse and then come back to it at a later date, so I revisited my Annabelle, who I created a year ago or so.

If you’ve never seen one of these horse-racing games, it might be hard to understand what it is, really. About 10 people are sitting at these little kiosks or terminals, and you train your horse, preparing for a race. When it’s race time, you decide when to whip the horse, when to hold, and when to just let her run.

I’ve gotten to really like this game. It’s especially fun when you race against people you know. A few times I was racing against Paul, Jude and Matt. I won two races, too. :-)

Aside from the horse-racing, I tried my hand (or feet, I guess) at 2 Exceed, the DDR-type dancing game they have. I paired up with Jude and then John. I did all right, but nothing extremely well. It’s a really fun game, though.

I spent my last so many credits on a football game, where you have to throw footballs between two holes. I did pretty well with that! Incidentally, my arm felt great last night. Thank You, God! I really think it’s healing up quickly.

Well, today is a big day baseball-wise. There are three games today, and two of them could be series-ending. The Angels and Yankees play, with the Angels leading the series 2-1. Braves and Astros play, that series knotted at 1-1. Finally, the Cardinals play the Padres, and the Cards can sweep the series with a win tonight.

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