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Another YMCA visit

November 28th, 2005

Tonight, Paul and I met up with our friend Steve at the YMCA in Belleville, and we had another workout session. I am going to try to go three times a week over the fall and winter. I’m finally starting to get into it again, where I’m actually kind of excited to go work out. This is definitely not always the case. :-(

After lifting weights, Paul and I spent some time in the gymnasium hitting a volleyball around with Paul’s friend Jenna and her sister Lauren. It was nice to get a little bit of practice in. We also played some two-on-two basketball while in the gym, so that was fun.

I’ve been working more and more on this game, and I’m steadily making progress. I had to overcome some hurdles, and I’m stuck right now with what I think is a minor one. But I expect to be able to surmount this pretty soon.

I have the Steelers/Colts game on in the background. The Colts, at 10-0, are winning 23-7 over Pittsburg. Indianapolis has been very impressive this year. I’m hoping they go 16-0! That hasn’t been done since the 1970′s, when the Dolphins went 14-0 (I believe).

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