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November 27th, 2005

I want to clarify the whole setup with commenting. I have disabled commenting on Xanga entries but have it enabled on the FamTeam entries. In Xanga, to leave a comment on a given post, simply click the “Click here to comment” link. If you’re reading this on my FamTeam blog directly (http://www.famteam.com/luke/), click “Make a comment.”

In a perfect world, I could have both the FamTeam and Xanga comments intertwined, where somebody’s comment on the FamTeam blog would show up on Xanga and vice versa. But, as I don’t have access to the Xanga system, that means one of them has to go. And, since I actually built this blog from the ground up, this one isn’t going anywhere. :-) Thankfully, I figured out how to cross-post onto Xanga. So it’s still a pretty good setup.

In conclusion, I love comments, and they are always welcome. So feel free to leave them as often as you’d like. It’s pretty much as easy as it is to leave a comment on a regular Xanga blog; you’re just typing in a different form. :-)

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