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Deposition and Pizza Street

November 29th, 2005

This afternoon, Paul and I traveled over to St. Charles, Missouri, in order to cover a deposition of a doctor. This was a videotaped depo, so Paul handled the court reporting duties while I took care of the video end of things.

After the deposition got out, we were roaming around, searching for a place to eat lunch. Paul saw a billboard for a Pizza Street, advertising a $3.49 buffet. Well, they had us at “buffet.” I had never been to this place before, but I’ve got to say it rivals Cici’s (http://www.famteam.com/luke/index.php?view=22) with their $3.99 buffet.

Pizza Street has some of the best cinnamon sticks I’ve ever had, some pretty good pizza, great salad fixings, and — get this — ice cream! Talk about a dangerous place to be if you’re trying to eat lightly! =-o Oh, and they also have Diet Dr Pepper, which is icing on the cake — or pepperonis on the pizza, if you will. :)

At any rate, we were really impressed with this place. Too bad it’s a good 40-, 45-minute drive from our home. Oh, well… I suppose that could be a good thing, because if we had a place like this in town I’d have a really hard time eating sensibly. :)

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