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Our very first documentary!

November 13th, 2005

Tonight, Mark and I filmed and edited a making-of documentary for the short movie we filmed on Monday. This was our first attempt to ever make something like that. It turned out pretty well, I think. It’s actually three times as long as the film itself is. :) I’m currently rendering the MPEG-2 file, and I hope to burn it to DVD tonight to show it to the family.

Other than creating our little documentary, this was a fairly routine Sunday. During church, we talked a bit about how there is no reason to delay loving people. Really, it was very similar to what I wrote about last night.

After church, Mom and Dad went with us to Cici’s. I love it when Mom and Dad are able to join us! It’s just fun to go out with them and have fun talking to them.

This afternoon, I watched the Rams get beaten by the Seahawks. The 4-5 Rams are now pretty much out of the playoff race in the NFC West division, as the first-place Seahawks are now three games ahead of St. Louis and also hold the tiebreaker. Oh well! Maybe they can sneak in as a wild card team. :)

Well, my video has finished rendering, and I have got a DVD to burn. :cool:

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