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Happy Thankgsiving!

November 24th, 2005 No comments

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let’s be sure to give God the praise and thanks He deserves. God is so overwhelmingly good to His children.

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Great news!

November 23rd, 2005 No comments

I spent some time on this today, and I’ve come up with a system that will allow me to almost automatically cross-post on my FamTeam blog and Xanga. :-) To the folks who read my FamTeam blog (, you won’t notice any difference. But to those who follow JelloDuck’s Xanga site, you’ll all of a sudden see many, many, many more posts. :-)

I apologize if this is bad news to you… ;-)

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That does it for softball

November 23rd, 2005 No comments

And talk about going out with a bang! Tonight was the final night of softball as we played in the playoffs. We started out with Game One at 6:30, and we took on Vesperados.

Despite our baserunners getting into a triple play in one of the evenings — which is not easy to do, nor is it… good :? — we managed to short-game the team in five innings. I batted 2-3 with an inside-the-park home run and a single.

Beating them meant we would play in the championship against the winner of the 7:30 game. We stayed around to watch that game, and we tried to stay warm in the 40-degree weather.

The Bellevillains won the game, which meant we would face them immediately thereafter. We trotted on to the field, and the championship game began.

In the first few innings, the score was fairly tight. We’d score a couple of runs, and the Bellevillains would answer back. In the fourth and fifth innings, however, we pulled away, and John ended the game in the fifth with a game-winning single to left field, as we won that game 13-3, making us champs!

I batted 2-3 in this game as well, but one of my hits was a three-run home run over the right-center field fence. That happened to be my last at-bat of the game, and thus the year, so it’s a great note to end on. And, quite honestly, I was surprised by how far the ball went over the fence. So that’s encouraging. :)

And… here we are, with Thanksgiving right around the corner. Softball is over and done with until April. Thankfully, volleyball should be starting up again soon so I shouldn’t gather too much dust this winter.

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Yet another silent movie, some tree stuff, and more softball

November 22nd, 2005 No comments

I did a little bit of everything today. In the morning, I went out to our ball field in order to operate a video camera for yet another silent movie. What have Mark and I started?! :shock: This is the third silent movie in two weeks. ;) A few days after The Unlikely Chums, Dad directed a flick that starred Uncle Dave, Seth, Jacob, Nathan and Caleb. That movie is still in post-production; it’s not in theaters yet. ;)

The latest movie is centered around a baseball game. I won’t divulge too much yet, but it involves some questionable umpiring, a sneaky pitcher, and an apple and a pumpkin. :) I think it will turn out pretty well. I’m really excited to start to put it together and see what it becomes.

In the afternoon, I drove over to my Uncle Joe’s house in order to help him move a couple of fallen trees. The work mainly consisted of loading limbs and logs into a trailer and drive the four-wheeler over to a fire pile, where I’d unload them. It took a little over an hour, but we got the job done. Uncle Joe and Aunt Diane have five kids, but the oldest is a 10-year-old (I think) girl. So I was really happy to just be able to help out.

After that, I drove to Sam’s Club in Fairview Heights, where I placed an order for the Christmas cards that we’re getting printed up. Amazingly, they’re supposed to be ready for pick-up tomorrow evening! What speedy service. :)

This evening, we had an 8:30 softball game. It was quite cold. Thankfully, I was smart enough to bring a sweatshirt, and wearing that made it pretty comfortable being out there. We ended up winning the game, by the way, by a score of 22-20. Jude and Paul each had three home runs. Pretty great playing! I didn’t hit any, but I batted 3-5 with a triple.

I also played three innings at second base and four at third base. :D Since this game was meaningless as far as the standings went (we already had first place sewn up), we decided to shuffle around the positions a little bit. I actually played pretty well at both positions, which was kind of encouraging. The last time I played third base in the game, I made two big throwing errors which kind of led to us losing the game. So it was nice that such wasn’t the case tonight. ;)

Tomorrow night at 6:30, we have our final softball game(s) as we’re playing the playoffs! If we win at 6:30, we’ll play in the championship at 8:30. After tomorrow, there is no more softball until April, which is when the season usually starts. So we’ll see how we do in our final game(s)!

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2005 Family Christmas Photo

November 20th, 2005 No comments

The highlight of today was when the family gathered together to take our annual Christmas photo, which we send out to friends, family and business clients. Last year, we took the photo, found at, in the back of our property — more specifically, with us standing on the rocks in the creek.

Today, we gathered in the back yard. Since it was an overcast day and the wind was blowing pretty strongly, it was pretty chilly out there. After some 45 minutes or an hour, though, we ended up with a batch of photos, and it looks like we have a winner contained in them! :) What a relief to have that over and done with before Thanksgiving. Last year, we waited until December 10th ( to take the photo. Now the fun part comes, when we get the photo printed on a nice card and we come up with a Christmas mailing. :)

This afternoon, the Rams hosted the Arizona Cardinals. It was Kurt Warner’s return to the Edward Jones Dome after being let go two years ago. :( Kurt Warner had a pretty good game, and the Cardinals ended up beating the Rams 38-28.

Though I almost always root for the Rams, I’m very happy that Kurt Warner did well in his return to St. Louis. I actually got to see him at the Shrine in Belleville back on July 5th, 2003, when he gave a talk during a Chris Tomlin/Jars Of Clay/Michael W. Smith concert that I attended. So it’s always great to hear about him having success. It’s unfortunate that it was at the expense of the Rams, though, as they’re now 4-6 and are in big trouble.

We’ll probably have the new photo up on the website within the week; maybe even sooner. I think it turned out really well. :)

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Reversi and Tic-Tac-Tics

November 20th, 2005 No comments

I played Paul in a game of Reversi and then Tic-Tac-Tics. I won in Reversi, and he won a close Tic-Tac-Tics game.

My brother Jude created both games and made them available up on our website. :) Hopefully we can get some more up soon! Those are fun.

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Ah, what a beautiful Saturday we had

November 20th, 2005 No comments

This morning, James and I drove on over to our Aunt Greta and Uncle Rob’s house to help them out with a few things. First, we moved a few rabbit hutches and cages. After that, James and I drove to a furniture store to use the truck to pick up a bunk bed set and bring it back to their house. When we returned, we assembled the frame.

We saw 10-year-old Jenny there. For those who aren’t familiar with her, she’s our cousin who was diagnosed with leukemia some 16 months ago. (I’ve made plenty of entries about her situation, so feel free to browse the archives.) Anyway, it was just so neat to see Jenny acting like a normal girl. Thank God that up to this point, they have been able to hold the cancer at bay and fight it off. Lord, please continue to protect Jenny and please heal her completely!

Since it was such a gorgeous day — topping out in the low 60s — we decided to have a softball practice out in our diamond. We may have set a record for the number of Arndts participating at any given time, because today we had 13 Arndts out there, playing softball! Everyone but Mom, Wizzy and two-year-old David was out there.

It was just such an amazing thing to think about and realize that, wow, here we are having a huge practice, and I’m surrounded by family! It was just really awesome. Thank God that we are able to do that, to gather and have fun. It was especially neat to play with the younger chubs, like Caleb and Peter, and watch as they learn how to catch and throw the ball.

In the evening, Paul, John, Mark and I left for Belleville, where we joined up with my grandparents and a couple of their friends in order to participate in a trivia night. We didn’t score super high — finishing maybe 14th out of 20 tables — but it was a lot of fun. I came home with an attendance prize, too. It’s… a… candle. But, not just any old candle! It’s shaped like a bunch of grapes. And… it’s top-heavy. So… it’s easy to tip. :? But, hey, that’s better than coming away empty-handed, huh? ;)

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The Unlikely Chums!!

November 19th, 2005 No comments

Well, during tonight’s The Attic Live webcast, we decided to premier our new silent movie, “The Unlikely Chums.” We released it towards the end of the show, and so far we’ve received quite a bit of feedback. It’s really encouraging! :) We had a great time putting it together, and it’s so awesome if other people are able to enjoy it. If you would like to take a look at this 135-second masterpiece, head on over to

I’d love to hear some feedback on it. I’m asking everybody who appreciates it to share it with a friend or two. It’s as easy as sending an e-mail, making a blog entry or just using word-of-mouth. :)

By the way, tonight was the debut of The Attic Live, the new Friday night webcast. We had a good crowd out there. Tomorrow night, of course, is FamTeam Live. Since opening up these webcasts to the public, I think it has enhanced the dynamic and spontaneous feel of them. They’re a lot of fun.

Thanks, Ashley and Emily, for your comments in regards to my previous entry. I appreciate you guys sharing your insight. :)

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Eternal depression?

November 18th, 2005 No comments

I’ve been transcribing this deposition of a psychiatrist today, and I disagree with his assertions. The doctor talks about how this lady, due to depression, is permanently disabled and will forever be unable to be gainfully employed.

I don’t know the circumstances, but it’s just hard to believe that a doctor can deem a 30- or 40-year-old eternally disabled due to her feeling depressed. I suppose there may be something to the term “clinical depression,” but to me it just seems weird. I mean, I have been depressed before, but I have obviously snapped out of it.

I just don’t understand how somebody can be officially disabled simply due to depression. Whenever I’m depressed, it’s usually a matter of me willfully making an attitude adjustment or choosing to change my thinking.

Maybe this is why I’m not a psychiatrist, but it seems to me that it’s impossible to be past the point of no return, where you’re just hopelessly depressed for the rest of your life. In addition to that, I think having a doctor tell you that you’re stuck in depression is not going to help matters at all. You’ll start to buy into what he’s saying, you’ll begin to believe it and start to live life in depression.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Can somebody truly be permanently damaged, where they are just stuck in the pit of hopelessness for the rest of their life? I’ve got to think that’s not possible. Attitude adjustments can make a world of a difference. Also, when we look to God and realize what He has done for us, what we have been blessed with, the hope of eternal life we have thanks to Jesus, I just think it’s impossible to truly be depressed.

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It got coooold

November 17th, 2005 No comments

It was so cold today. The high temperature was in the low 40s, and the wind chill factor must have been much lower as it was very blustery. Brr! And to think we still have two or three softball games remaining before the season is over. :shock:

There is some news as far as volleyball goes. It turns out that there will not be a Thursday night league. :( Nuts. There will, however, continue to be Sunday night leagues as well as Wednesday night leagues. I’ll probably play Sunday, and possibly on Wednesday. I would really like to be playing twice a week throughout the winter, so we’ll see…

I don’t write about hockey that often, but today something in the NHL happened that hasn’t happened all year. The St. Louis Blues won on the road! :) This is nearly their 20th game of the season, and they just now acquired their first road victory, snapping an 11-game losing streak — which was a team record, by the way.

So it’s nice that the Blues won. They’re still pretty pitiful, but you never know if they can come back and make the playoffs. In hockey, that’s not too difficult to do as more teams make the playoffs than miss it. It’s weird. :)

It’s 26 degrees as I type, and I thank ForecastFox for that information. I’m going to get some sleep.

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