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This is not fair.

November 30th, 2005


Who gives one the authority to “tag” someone and force them to write something in their blog? Was it you? :mad:

Anyway… I will comply, but under protest.

So, I’m supposed to write “five weird habits” of mine. As if there even were five strange things about me. I mean, come on! Let’s be honest here. :cool:

Well, I’ll give this a fair try.

1.) I am left-handed (though that’s not really weird, nor is it a habit to speak of).

2.) I like opening up computers.

3.) I have a tendency to clutter up my desk and the surrounding area, forcing me to regularly straighten things up.

4.) I enjoy being in front of and behind the video camera. (See http://www.famteam.com/videos/)

5.) I don’t type correctly. I do, however, type very quickly, so that makes up for that. :-)

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