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A brief rundown of Monday

December 27th, 2005

We’ve been having some Internet troubles lately. The connection has been kind of sketchy over the last couple of days. Ah well… hopefully I can get this blog post through.

Today was a pretty slow day, as it’s the first work day after Christmas. And even though it’s a Monday and not a holiday, many offices and businesses were closed, including the post office, banks, et cetera.

My mom and dad spent a good amount of time at the nursing home, after they received news that our great-grandma’s health was declining more. Basically, it seems like she is just gradually slowing down. We’re thankful that up to this point she hasn’t really been in a tremendous amount of pain or discomfort.

Paul, Jude, Philip and I went to the YMCA this evening. There weren’t many people there, which is understandable considering it’s the day after Christmas. Anyway, we had a good workout, and after working with machines and free weights, I spent 35 minutes on the elliptical machine. According to that, I burned nearly 700 calories. I’m not exactly sure how accurate those numbers are, but I know I burned off a bunch.

Right before we left, we decided to use the YMCA’s body fat analyzer. It’s a handheld device that lets you punch in your height, weight, age and such, and then you hold it by these metal sensors, and it will calculate your body fat percentage. I like to use it every now and then just to see what kind of progress I am making. Stepping on the scale is useful, but it doesn’t tell the whole story, since weight can fluctuate so much, and you might not even lose much when you’re gaining muscle at the same time. So occasionally testing the body fat percentage seems to be a good idea.

I also worked on SmorgasWord some more today. I’ve been in the mode of debugging it the past few days. These bugs can really be baffling, I tell ya! Thankfully, there’s always some some solution… even though I’ve often wondered if there was an exception to that rule. ;-)

The game is coming along nicely, though. Pretty soon, I may find myself looking for some volunteers to help me test it out online. Any guinea pigs out there? If so, feel free to e-mail me, and I’ll let you know if I need your assistance. Thanks! :-)

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