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Change of plans

February 12th, 2006

Well, yesterday I wrote about how I might be making a trip with John to Texas (Fort Worth, by the way), in order to cover a video deposition. Turns out that that wouldn’t work out very well, because I’ll be… in Florida at the time. :-D

It turns out that it would work out best if Paul stayed back, so that created a vacancy on the trip that Mark and Jude were going to take with our grandparents. I happened to have done a lot of work this week in the way of scoping and things of that nature, and that has resulted in us being pretty caught up with our work — at least enough to enable me to join the guys on the trip! Wow! Thank God!

So anyway, I’ve been spending the past several hours packing and trying to throw everything together in a couple of suitcases, as we plan to depart bright and early Monday morning. As I type now, I’m in the process of getting my old laptop all set for the trip so we’ll be able to do some work while on the road.

So that was some pretty cool news. :-) I’m really excited to be able to go on this trip with these guys and our grandparents. I’ve been to Florida twice before in my life. The first time was a brief trip the four oldest took in September of 1999 to Destin, where we met up with our Aunt Jane and Aunt Ann. Then in April of 2000, the four of us drove to St. Pete Beach and stayed for a week. It sounds like we’ll be heading as far south as Jupiter (the city, not the planet).

Well, I’d better run. I have a lot to do tomorrow to ready myself for this trip. I sure hope I don’t forget anything! :shock:

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