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Travelling south

February 14th, 2006

This afternoon, we drove some 350 miles, and we arrived in the great state of Florida! :-D The weather is very nice, even here in the northern part of the state. Tomorrow, we plan to drive some 150 miles south and end up in the Kissimmee area, close to Orlando. As I understand it, the weather there is even nicer! Highs in the low 80s and lows in the 50s. Pretty appealing! :-)

I have a question for all those with experience — how warm does it have to be to comfortably swim in the ocean? I understand the water may still be chilly, but would 80-degree temperatures make it pleasant enough to swim in the ocean? The last time I swam in the ocean was April of 2000, when we visited St. Pete Beach, so it was a bit warmer then. Thanks for any input, guys! :-)

Well, I’m going to run. Just figured I’d check in from the campsite.

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