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Thank You, God

March 1st, 2006

Well, as you know by now, yesterday Mark, Jude, and I, with our grandparents, arrived back in Belleville. We pulled in to Grandpa’s shop, where we disconnected the trailer that was pulling the minivan. Mom and Dad met us at the shop, so we were able to reunite with them just minutes after rolling into town.

We then drove on over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, where we spent a couple hours unloading everything from the RV and putting things away in their house. Once finished with that, the three of us drove back home with Mom, and we got to finally meet up with the rest of the family! :-)

As we entered the front door, we were showered with homemade confetti, as the chubs dumped shreds of paper on us. I’ve got to say, I think quite a few of the chubs have grown in the past two weeks! And three-year-old David has matured. He’s talking a lot more, and his vocabulary is really growing.

You know, one of the things I appreciate the most after going on a trip is being able to return home to the family, to a house where I have my own bed, back to an area where all of the surroundings are familiar. :-) I don’t need to whip out the atlas when I want to run into town.

So we had a blast! The weather was gorgeous. I couldn’t believe that I was swimming in the ocean in February. It’s not too often that people from the St. Louis area are sunburned this time of the year. :-)

This trip had a little bit of everything! I posed with Mickey, Donald, and other Disney characters at Epcot. I visited the Hall Of Presidents at Magic Kingdom. I petted a dolphin at SeaWorld. I talked with Cardinals second baseman Junior Spivey. I swam in the Atlantic Ocean (and got buried in the sand :-)).

I got to see the actual NASA control room from Apollo VIII. I got to feed a cracker to a giraffe and take a couple of cool glass-bottom boat rides at Silver Springs Park. I also just had a great time hanging out with Mark, Jude, and Grandma and Grandpa. We had the opportunity to play cards, pool, miniature golf, and shuffleboard during down time at different campsites.

It was fun. :-) Thank You, God, for this awesome opportunity and for giving us safety while on the road!

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