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Another beautiful spring day

April 24th, 2006

God provided us with another gorgeous day today. In the early afternoon, we all (that is, all 16 of us) went outside. The eight oldest (Seth on up) and Dad met on the field in the back, where we had a softball practice. It’s actually kind of strange, but here in late April is the first full-fledged softball practice we’ve had in… oh, probably six months. We took turns taking batting practice, while the rest of the guys would play in the field to chase after the hits.

While we were having the practice, Mom watched some of the younger guys (and Wizzy) as they played around in the yard and then splashed around in the pond. Jacob and Caleb were having a scum war in the pond, where they were slinging the seaweed at each other. That reminds me of the good ol’ times, where we would used to throw wet sand at each other while swimming in a lake or something. :-)

This evening, Mark and I experimented some more with our green screen. We’re trying to figure out how to get optimal lighting both on the screen and the person in front of it. I think we’ll be able to work with it and come up with a good setup for all of our chroma-keying needs.

Later in the evening, it was volleyball. We won all three games tonight, in this, our second-last week of the session. I don’t think our team is going to be playing for another eight-week session after this, as we usually don’t play in the summer. Personally, I would love to start playing sand volleyball a couple times a week or something. We’re playing softball thrice a week, though, so that keeps a few evenings spoken for.

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