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Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!

April 28th, 2006

Friday was the 27th wedding anniversary for Mom and Dad. :-) To imagine, back in 1979 they were newlyweds. Who would have thought that nearly three decades down the road, they would be parents of 14 kids? Pretty amazing. God is so good, and it is amazing to look back at the ride that they’ve had by putting their trust in Him.

In other news, I think we finally are finished with our driveway project. Today, we drove our truck down to the quarry in order to get four loads of rock, which ended up weighing somewhere around four-and-a-half tons. We used this rock to even out some spots in the driveway. Now we are able to drive on the driveway all we want, with no fear of damaging the drain or disturbing anything. And we should soon find out if our advanced drainage system works or not. :-)

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