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More softball

April 21st, 2006

Tonight, we played a game against Smitty’s Sluggers. Our offense was red-hot tonight, and we won 20-0 in three innings. Paul and I each hit home runs. His was over the fence, while mine was of the inside-the-park variety (meaning I had to run like all get out). I also had a pair of triples, as did Dad. So it was a good game! After two full weeks of softball, we’re 2-0 on Mondays, 0-2 on Tuesdays, and 1-1 on Thursdays. I’ll save you the trouble of getting a calculator out and just tell you that we’re 3-3 so far. ;-)

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s Friday already! On Saturday, we hope to take care of some work outside — including finishing up our driveway drainage project. For now, though, I must go. I’ve got quite a bit to do on Friday — editing a video, some more scoping, and other exciting stuff. :-) That’s all for now.

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