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New softball swing

April 24th, 2006

Yesterday, during our family’s softball practice, I was experimenting with a new batting approach. It was a short run-up swing, and it while hitting yesterday it seemed to really help me throw my weight into the swing and have more power and bat speed going at the ball.

Tonight, we had an 8:30 game against Longball’s, and I decided to continue using this new stance/swing to see how it would work in a game. Well, I ended up batting three-for-three with three home runs over the right field fence. Needless to say, I’m pretty shocked! I mean, I knew I had the potential to hit home runs, but I hadn’t hit any over the fence thus far this year, and I had certainly never hit three in one game. So that was quite a treat for me. :-) I think this new swing has a lot of potential, although I’m sure I’ll have different kinks to work out. But I’ll definitely enjoy this moment while I can. :-)

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