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I’m no doctor…

September 25th, 2006

… but I’m guessing if I had sustained any sort of serious knee injury, I probably wouldn’t be able to run like I have been. Tonight, for instance, I had a triple and an inside-the-park homer. My knee isn’t 100%, but I feel like I can run about as fast as ever. So even if it is kind of painful when flexing it, I would be kind of surprised if there was any kind of permanent or serious injury. :-)

By the way, we had another rematch against Buzz, and we won tonight by a score of 6-1. :-) A huge win for us against a very good team, and our defense was terrific! I managed to contribute with those two hits and four RBI, and it was a good feeling to get back on track as a team and just to get a pair of nice hits.

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