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Last night’s softball game

September 19th, 2006

Well, we had a rematch against the Scrubs last night, but unfortunately we didn’t fare nearly as well as last Thursday’s game, and we lost 18-8 in five innings. I personally didn’t do much to help, as I batted 0-3, and it was just one of those games where we weren’t really sharp on offense or defense. But oh, well. That makes us 1-1 on the Monday night league. We’re 1-1 on Tuesdays, too, and tonight we play at 6:30.

I hope we play better tonight. Even if we lose, it’s just so much easier to take if it doesn’t feel like we beat ourselves, where we made too many errors or just underachieved as a whole. You like to at least go down with a fight and feel that you put your best effort out there. That way, if you get pounded, at least you know you did all you can do. But if it was a game like yesterday or last Thursday, those are games I really think we could (and maybe should) have won, so it’s a little harder to swallow. But either way, it’s just a game, and we play for fun. :-)

By the way, today is James’ 18th birthday! A year ago today, Mark, James, and I were in Prescott, Arizona, with our grandparents, as we were wrapping up a three-and-a-half week RV trip out west. I believe to celebrate his birthday a year ago, we went to Pizza Hut. Or maybe it was Golden Corral. I can’t remember. :-) Either way, we ate a lot of food.

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