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Softball and sunrises

September 19th, 2006

We played at 6:30 against the Spartans, and our offense had a pretty good game. After being held scoreless in the first inning, we put up a nine-spot in the second and ended up winning the game 17-7 in five innings. :-) We hit three home runs on the night, and James had a three-run single today, which happens to be his 18th birthday! I… didn’t do so well. :-) 0-2 with a sacrifice fly. Oh, well! I bat 7-8 in two games, then the next two games I bat 0-5. *shrug* Such is the game of softball!

Tomorrow morning, I plan to get up right before sunrise in order to start a time-lapse recording of the sunrise. It was such a beautiful day today, with a clear sky and some pretty clouds, and I’m hoping for something similar tomorrow. It could be somethin’ neat. :-)

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