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Softball, dinner, and a trip update

September 27th, 2006

On Tuesday night, we got crushed, creamed, manhandled, torched, smashed, embarrassed, crunched, slaughtered, pummeled, humiliated, our collective clocks cleaned, trampled — well, you get the idea. We… didn’t win. :-D A & S Satellite beat us 18-2 in four innings in what was one of our shortest games of the year. Those guys pounded the ball and we, well, didn’t. But to be fair, we only had four innings to play with and only 12 outs to spend… two of which I spent, in my 0-2 effort. :( Oh, well.

Tonight, Paul, John, James and I went out to dinner with Aunt Jane and Aunt Ann at Mungo’s restaurant in Fairview Heights. It was kind of a late birthday celebration for Paul and James, and John and I were invited to tag along. :-) We had a great time and ended up eating some very delicious food. Filet mignon is pretty tasty, I’ve come to find out. :-)

And in other news, I also learned tonight that tomorrow evening, the three weary travelers — Mark, Jude, and Philip — should be returning home with Grandma and Grandpa after embarking on their 24-day trip to the northwest. It should be a nice homecoming! I didn’t even realize they were coming home so soon. On last Saturday’s webcast, I mentioned that I didn’t even know if they would be back by this Saturday’s FamTeam Live, but evidently they’re going to be back with two days to spare.

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