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Softball, their trip, the new laptop, and the new phone

September 30th, 2006

Well, a brief recap of the past few days.

On Thursday evening, we played a softball game against the Bombers. We came back from a 10-3 deficit and tied the game, forcing extra innings, but we finally lost in the eighth inning by a score of 15-13 or something like that. I batted 3-4 with a walk, and it ended up being a very tight game.

Also on Thursday, Mark, Jude, and Philip returned from their 24-day trip out west. They seemed to have a great time! It’s good to have them back, too, as things slowly get back to normal here.

On their trip, they brought with them a new(ish) laptop that I bought off of eBay in August. It’s a Toshiba Tecra A4, and it’s a fast little machine — especially for the price. Anyway, they took it along to do deposition work and also to use it to load photos and such, but I finally have it back and I’m slowly converting it into my main computer.

In the process of doing so, I ended up frying one of my 160 GB hard drives, thanks to an external hard drive enclosure that seemed to have a bad power cable. I’ve never had a hard drive flat-out die on me like this, as now it won’t even spin up at all. I’m thinking a faulty power cable must have shorted it or something. At any rate, there has been one casualty in this whole conversion process. Aside from that tragedy, though, things seem to be working pretty well in regards to this conversion. I still have a couple of things to iron out, but I think this is going to work pretty well.

While I’m talking about technology, I might as well mention the new cell phone I picked up a couple weeks ago. It’s a Samsung A-930. It’s a black clamshell (flip-phone) with a blue OLED display on the outside and a big color screen on the inside. I really like it! It has the ability to have MP3 ringtones and can also play WMA songs.

Additionally, it has a slot for a MicroSD or TransFlash memory card, which are these tiny (think the size of your pinky’s fingernail) cards. I have a 512 MB MicroSD card, and it can store songs, photos, videos, and all sorts of good stuff. :-) It’s so amazing that a little phone like this can double as a decent music player. I’d say MP3 player, but technically it doesn’t really play MP3s well… kind of silly, since it has the ability to, but I guess Verizon would rather you use their V-Cast music download service.

Oh, and the phone also has built-in Bluetooth, which is pretty handy for file transferring and things of that nature. My laptop doesn’t have internal Bluetooth — although that would be very handy; Dad’s does — but I have a small USB dongle that gives me Bluetooth ability, so that does a pretty good job. Man, technology is amazing! :)

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