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Double murder in Swansea and standoff in Belleville

November 11th, 2006


Yesterday, there was a double homicide in Swansea (click here), which is just minutes from downtown Belleville. An older couple was stabbed to death at their home. Today (click here), the murder suspect was confronted at a home in Belleville, shot a Belleville police officer in the face, and turned the gun on himself. The police officer was in very critical condition, it sounds like, and it’s uncertain whether he’ll live.

This is so terrible. What a shock. This afternoon, Dad, Paul, and I were at Laderman Park in Belleville, and we saw three or four helicopters circling around the downtown area. We also saw an ambulance driving towards the vicinity of the standoff.

The house where this standoff occurred was probably 50 or 100 feet from the McCormick Center, where I played basketball in fifth grade for Cathedral Grade School. It’s also just a block away from the school itself and also the church, St. Peter’s Cathedral.

What a sad, terrible thing. Please keep everyone involved in your prayers — the murderer’s, the victims’, and the Belleville police officer’s families and friends. Pray especially for the police officer, as he has life-threatening injuries. Just saturate everyone in prayer, if you would. Lift them up to God, asking that He would comfort them, heal them, and be with them during this extremely difficult time.

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