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YMCA and disc golf

December 23rd, 2006

Yesterday evening, Paul and I had another workout at the YMCA. I set a new personal record for bench-pressing, so that was a nice feeling. It’s still pretty pitiful compared to what some of those guys can lift, but at least it’s momentum in the right direction. :-)

This morning, Mark, Jude, James, and I got up very early and drove over to Jefferson Barracks Park in South County. We met up with a couple of old friends there, Kevin (remember “Dumb Things With Kevin”?) and Ryan, in order to play some disc golf. The two of them are brothers and were pretty much our best friends for several years until they moved away about four or five years ago. Ryan was visiting in from San Diego, and Kevin lives in central Illinois. We hadn’t seem them for a couple of years, so it was awesome to get to meet up again! And the disc golf was very fun, too, despite the chilly temperatures. Meeting up with old friends never gets old!

Well, we’re just a few hours away from Christmas Eve. What a great time of year this is! :-) Now if only we had some snow. That would really be icing on the cake.

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