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Family trips

August 16th, 2007

The other night, I was scanning through some 10,000 photos that Dad had taken during our family trip last fall to Maine and upstate New York. As I browsed through them, it reminded me of what a wonderful family I have, what a great “team” I am on. Our family trips our far from luxurious, yet we manage to have such a great time, making so many new memories.

It’s funny how it works, but one picture can bring back a flood of memories. Even though it’s just literally a snapshot, when looking at it, I can remember what was going on, maybe what I was doing, what I was thinking, what I was talking about. All this from one picture. So imagine 10,000 of them! I scanned through them in 20 or 30 minutes, and every now and then I would stop on one that caught my attention, and I would double-click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.

But throughout the entire time, I was just kind of marveling at what a great time we really had last fall. This seems to often be the case with me, but I may not fully appreciate something until long after the fact. Here we are, nearly a year after our last trip, and I’m appreciating it more and more.

I also realized how precious photos are. I do a lot of video work myself, but there is just something special about a photo. Maybe it’s because it’s a great conversation piece — you bring up a photo, and everybody starts to remember what was going on when it was taken. Or you show somebody a photo that they have never seen, and you get to tell them all about it.

So all in all, I just have a newfound appreciation for this family and these trips that we take. There is something very special about them. What’s odd is I don’t think they would be as valuable if it weren’t for the different inconveniences that we might have. Having to get work done while on the road, or still finding ways to be economical while traveling — I think these can actually contribute to the experience.

Whatever the reason is, I think we have a winning formula right now. I almost can’t believe how blessed I am to be able to be a part of this. I hope we can keep this tradition up long enough to where wives and sisters-in-law can experience this with us. I’m having a really hard time explaining it; I just know there is something really special about these trips.

The fact that we’re still able to do this with the entire family is just awesome. Who knows how much longer that will keep up? But for now, it’s definitely a special period of time, and I want to make a point of reminding myself to appreciate it while it lasts.

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