by James

Seth said: Click for the full-size photo (IMG_20130606_173624.jpg: bytes)

The van put a good, solid rut in the lawn here. I think Jacob’s softening it with hose water to mold it back into shape.

You could have waited until it was fixed before mentioning it. 😉 Those were caused by me trying to maneuver the van to get in between the fence posts that are just out of sight. I was about to climb on the roof and was going to use the van as an anchor point for the safety harness I’d be wearing. It kinda looks like the van was sliding into the pond from the ruts, but those were actually caused when we were towing the van up the hill with the truck. When maneuvering, I had backed the van down just fine, but it had trouble getting back up the hill with its lack of four wheel drive or a locking differential, so the truck had to rescue it. The project was helped along by Bespoke Guttering who assisted with the aluminium gutters.

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